Welcome. Do you feel stuck? Are you ready for change? It’s all about the experience…

2016-anna_botanic-gardensI help people connect to a different experience of themselves with Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Past-life Regression TherapyReiki, Fibre Art  and workshops. I specialise in anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out, trauma, abuse, and post traumatic stress disorder. I help people release fear and doubt.

I LOVE my work. I have been a counsellor since 1989, learned Reiki in 1993, became a Reiki Master in 2001 and was taught Past-life therapy by Dr Brian Weiss in 2015. I LOVE creating experiences for people that change their lives. Its all about the experience.

“Love the soul who waits in your reflection. You are already perfect. You are worthy of your own love.” Bronnie Ware

Life is about learning… and LEARNING = EXPERIENCE + REFLECTION. I can help you experience deep states of peace and relaxation – refreshing, recharging, and rejuventating your body and mind. I can help you communicate and connect with the 85% of your mind that is not conscious, bring it into harmony with the conscious mind, and create unique solutions for your life going forward. I can help you reflect upon your personal experience of truth.


“Our greatest affliction is fear… fear can be removed by remembering, by understanding, and by loving.” Dr Brian Weiss, MD

I LOVE helping people shift that feeling of being ‘stuck’ into forward movement and – with postgraduate qualifications in counselling and more than 25 years experience – I am very good at it. I taught at TAFESA as a Senior Lecturer for 13 years, passing on my know-how to other professionals. After seeing me, people report arriving at unique insights and positive changes that they have not had before.

I am well practiced with a unique skillset of holistic strategies. I always have something to offer that helps. Want to get something off your chest? Let’s talk about it. Can’t talk about it and just want it fixed? Let’s do some Reiki. Nothing working? Hypnotherapy and Past-life Therapy create deep insights. Need some support and a group of likeminded souls? Let’s do a workshop.

Call me on 0438 234 793 for an appointment.

Wishing you well,

Anne Marie McGlasson

Reflection Holistic Therapy

Some Story Medicine for you…


When I proudly showed my new website to my in-laws, the reaction was not what I anticipated. “Why did you put that snail on your home page? It’s the scourge of farmers. It destroys crops!”  They tutted and shook their heads in disappointment.

I was stunned. As a Reiki teacher, the spiral in the shell symbolises all the energy of the Universe – the energy that is the building blocks of all life. What was I to do? I was in danger of offending every farmer across Southern Australia…

I pondered and I decided… to keep it.

Don’t we all have obstacles that get in the way of our harvest? Obstacles that if we can work out how, will unleash the energy of the Universe for us. I believe that, at this point of our world’s history and man’s development, these sorts of mishaps – ‘snails in our harvest’ – bring about the greatest learning. What can I say but “Bless the snails!”

In the work we do together, you bring your knowledge of yourself – your skills, experience and understanding of the issues you face. I bring my skills as a therapist and educator, and the lessons life has taught me. We use our complementary strengths and work together to get you to where you want to be.

© 2015 by Anne Marie McGlasson

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