Past-life Regression, Service

Sometimes the why’s are simple…

“Why do I want to be a past life regression therapist?”

Sometimes the question is more important than the answer, for without the question, there would be no forward drive, no seeking. We are all on a journey of the soul and without a question we can get stuck in the dark. Questions, questing, is what fuels the development of the soul.


Image: Seeking the question by MarioWibisono, DeviantArt

I have had my fair share of trauma, suffering and despair. These are conditions I know intimately. Many times, I have sat with people while they have had their ‘dark night of the soul’ and been their hope when they could find none for themselves, lighting the way forward. Life can be a tough series of lessons and we are not given the blessing of an instruction book when we arrive. Life can also be rich and beautiful and joyous, a magical journey where we are reunited with our soul mates over and over. It really is true that it is darkest just before the dawn. We get ourselves into trouble when we think the darkness will last forever and that there is no way forward.

Questions are how we move forward from the darkness into the light. Sometimes we are so busy identifying with the struggle and the pain that we fail to notice the questions bubbling within, the questions showing us the way forward.

Questions like “How can he treat me like that?”, “Is this all there is?” and in my case “Where was I going when I left my body?”. This question that I could barely dare to acknowledge tormented me as a child. It would enter my consciousness and I would find myself frozen and barely able to breathe. It would follow with “If we don’t die, then what?” and the most terrible question of all “What if there is no God?”

The answers to my questions have unfolded in the trajectory of my life. I am still finding answers and the answers come easily when I release the illusion that I am alone. I hold my question in my mind, breathe and relax. Sometimes the answers come instantaneously and sometimes they come later as a book in my hand, a conversation with a stranger or a cloud in the sky. We are never alone. We are always loved.

And the ‘why’ questions are the easy ones. “Why do I want to be a past life regression therapist?” Because I feel alive, excited and whole hearted when I do it, because it lets me express myself as a gentle and kind person and because it teaches me about myself. In short, this work calls to my soul.


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