Counselling, Service


I was the counsellor for the whole town. Alice Springs was a thriving community in 1993. I arrived as a fresh faced young professional seeking opportunities to expand my skills and experience.

I had begun my working career as a rehabilitation counsellor in Adelaide four years before and through good training and sheer stubborness has survived twice as long as anyone else in an occupation that burned people out in record time. At 27, I was considered to be a grandmother in my field and I was well regarded. I also knew I had to get out.

The Universe provided in the form of a replacing a former work colleague going on maternity leave. It was a dream job, but… Alice Springs!

“Wow!” I repeated to myself “What a great job… but Alice Springs!”

I took the job.

I loved the job.

I loved the town.

I loved the people.

I loved the desert.

I had come home.

1993 Anne_Ormiston Gorge

Image: Anne Marie at Ormiston Gorge, by Anne Marie McGlasson 1993


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