Past-life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy training

I love the beginning of workshops and conferences. The hushed expectation – people finding seats in a dance of mystery that places together the people who have natural synchronicity, whether they like it or not. And when the workshop has been organised with full support from the teachers who reside on the higher sub-plane of… Continue reading Past Life Regression Therapy training

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White Ribbon Day

While it is Thanksgiving in America, Australia has been having White Ribbon Day - a week devoted to educating ourselves and standing up to men's violence against women. Of particular note, have been excellent documentaries by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) called 'Hitting Home with Sarah Ferguson' and 'Call Me Dad'. There was also an incredible Q&A episode… Continue reading White Ribbon Day

Past-life Regression

Breakfast at Omega

Breakfast was uneventful - a group of pleasant people enjoying an organic breakfast. I had only been here hours and already I could feel my spirit relaxing into this soulful environment of gentle voices and gentle manners. Giant fans whirled lazily overhead in the beautiful timber dining hall. I idly wondered how many Americans were… Continue reading Breakfast at Omega