I stared at the screen in horror. It was Sunday night. My first client was booked in for Wednesday afternoon… and the rooms I had been promised were now unavailable.

It was a polite email, even an apologetic email, but the handshake agreement would not be honoured. My fledgling business was no competition for the better offer that had been received.

I was numb. I had time before my brain started a fear-based freak-out, to remind myself that “when a door closes, a window opens… and everything turns out for the best… yada yada…” (you know the drill!) That started my ‘til-midnight search for new rooms. Thank goodness for the internet!

When I tore myself away, I had 2 serious contenders – a shared holistic therapy space in beach-side Glenelg, and a clinical office space in central North Adelaide – both gorgeous old buildings with old world charm and perfect for different reasons.

I went to bed and took a leaf out of Doreen Virtue’s book – I made a serious request for help with decision making and opportunities – and that’s when the magic started!

1-5 Sussex St_9

Image: Front door, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015



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