“From an early age my mother taught me to honour female relationships. You have a choice: you can support the woman standing next to you or you can compete with her.” Kate Hudson, Marie Claire, May 2015*


“Ok, so apart from the 10 minutes to leave the school area after dropping off Dino-boy this is an easy trip. All the other traffic is heading TO town. I love driving against the traffic to work. Points in favour of having rooms at Glenelg.” I mused on the way to the first inspection. I was already cataloguing the advantages and hoping for a drop-dead sign from the higher realms to indicate my best choice. “I can walk on the beach for daily exercise. I could try out that yoga studio… and the room sure looks pretty in the photos.”

Just down the street, I found plentiful parking in a 3 hour parking zone – no ticket required. “Another plus… client parking is taken care of.”

“Now for the interview. Remember ‘What can you do for me?’ not “How do I make this work?’” I reminded myself to park my easygoing nature at the kerb with the car.

Lisa was genuine and welcoming. She described a cooperative of women working to support each other start and develop their businesses. She explained how one woman started business by chatting with people in local cafes. (I can do that! Supergirl and Princess complain when I chat to randoms on the street but it looked like my abundant personality was just about to become an asset.) Lisa offered to help me with cross-referrals too (how amazing!) and then gave me the exact weekly rental figure I wanted for the 2 days I wanted. After that, she explained the rooms were “all full up”.

Lisa told me more about who was working there, and I recognized someone I knew. I had given her a job a few years ago, and now on top of everything else she was a yoga instructor. “Maybe she could teach me yoga.”

1-5 Sussex St_1  1-5 Sussex St_3  1-5 Sussex St_2

Image: Rooms at Gleneg, Eshe Counselling advertisement 2015

I walked away promising to let Lisa know today, right after my inspection of Property 2. I The only down-side to the room was the stairs. People with mobility issues were going to struggle.

I had a bit of time before the next inspection. “How about I just go for a wander and explore the locale?” I coached myself, “and a drink of water would be great about now.”

I walked to the corner, turned right and spied the first garment inside the dress store. It was a shirt the exact style of perfect green I had envisioned in my head to wear to work…


* Quote read the day before Inspection 1 while waiting for an appointment.



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