“Success comes when you… surround yourself with nice people” Will.I.Am, Joanna Lumley talks to Will.I.Am, 2015

“North Adelaide is such a pretty suburb… big homes on small blocks oozing old-fashioned opulence… great modern architecture… big footpaths…”

I entertained myself with a stream of consciousness, feeling very fair that I was giving North Adelaide equal chance to charm me as a business locale. “Glenelg does have the ocean on the doorstep and an art gallery across the road, with people joyously throwing paint on canvas, but let’s see what’s here… is this a better business proposition?”

And then I discovered a blackboard enticingly inscribed “Steak, caramelized onion and rosemary pie $6.50.” Hello, Achilles heel, boutique meat pies for under $10. Surely it was lunch time! AND I could add a sumptuous salad. What’s not to like!

“Go, North Adelaide! This is where I am going to have lunch every day.”

It was calm inside Butterfingers. Staff were preparing for the lunch trade with quiet focus. I was feeling loquacious (and that’s my 4 syllable word done for the day!)

“I have been looking for rooms for my new business. What do you think about clinical rooms in North Adelaide?” I asked the nice young server.

After a considered and thoughtful response about driving through town at peak hour and whether doctors were ready to refer to a holistic therapist, she gave me my table number….

Butterfingers_1  Butterfingers_4

Image: Butterfingers café, North Adelaide, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015 

It was the number of the address at Glenelg…

Decision made.

I got an instant fit of the giggles.

PS The pie was perfect, the salad yummy and the coffee was G-O-O-O- O-O-D! I am not mentioning the celebratory gluten-free brownie! What is better than nice people? Nice people who can cook.

PPS Story told with staff permission… and yes! I paid for my meal.



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