Travelling across town, I realized that rooms in North Adelaide meant 3 things – no ocean, traffic lights, and peak hour traffic through town to get to work.

“No biggie” I encouraged myself. “I have done it before and travelled further.”

“OK, so there is the building… I LOVE THAT BUILDING… and there would be… no parking… for me… or clients!” I was late to meet the (very agreeable) real estate agent. The first park I found was a 10 minute walk around the corner, but hey! the jacarandas were glorious.

Mental note 1: <projection> Angry, stressed, apologetic clients arrive in my rooms cranky as no parking was available, thereby wasting the first 10-15 minutes of the session and creating a culture where appointments run chronically overtime.

226 Melb St_10

Image: Gorgeous building, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015

What can I say? The building was to die for. The environment was clinical with lots of medical doctors doing their thing. Each space had a reception area with a busy administrator and lots of colour coded files. My first model for business, before my initial plan had gone belly up, was to offer my services to North Adelaide doctors as the answer to stress for their chronically ill patients. Doctors care about their patients, right? Would they take to a holistic therapist not just on their doorstep, but inside the building? This would be a return to my original business model.

226 Melb St_12

Images: North Adelaide rooms, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015

Mental note 2: <taking notes> My room was a blank canvas. There were toilets, a kitchen and a reception area. The room was a great size for me – good for individual clients and perfect for teaching Reiki in small groups. The rate was similar to the rooms at Glenelg, but I would – pay more – have 24/7 access.

“A bit of a pity about the no parking and the bars on the windows overlooking other people’s cars.” I mused. “Hmmmm…. No natural light.”

“Ok. So apart from the central location, the lotus pond and the stained glass window entrance… what has this property got to offer?”

Mental note 3: <cue> Walk down the street and ponder…



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