Past-life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy training… it begins!

I was so ready to learn. I was so ready to have those transformational experiences that cannot be described but change you in that subtle way that is just better.

The yoga chairs were brilliant – back support with a cushion on the floor – perfect for people like me who go into trance easily. Around me, people were wriggling and fussing, making nests of pillows and blankets, like a cat would before curling in comfort to sleep. Yes! The cushion under me was in perfect position to support my balanced spine seated in the yoga position. Crystals in hand, I was ready.

Bhavi and friends chatted away, equally as excited and in the early moments of meeting beloved strangers, Bhavi confessed to me “I don’t know why, but I have never felt loved. I know I am loved. My family love me, but I don’t feel loved.”

Brian and Carole Weiss appeared on the dais to applause – such beautiful, humble and humorous people – welcoming us like we were entering their home for a dinner party. And I guess in a way, we were. Twenty two years of holding experiential workshops made Omega home to them, and over the course of the week, made Omega home to us as well. I let the spirit of their generousity wash over me.

“… and so, we are going to have lots of experiences, because I have found that this leads to the greatest success. It is better,” said Brian, and with this simple introduction he led 150 of us into a Past Life Regression.


I know myself. I know that I soak up the emotions of those around me like a sponge. I know that some days I can’t walk through the shopping centre. One upon a time, I couldn’t walk into a crystal shop. The energies would overwhelm me. I would go blind and find myself unable to walk.

I have got better at knowing what is ‘me’ and what is ‘another’. I have become stronger and more grounded as I have got older… as I have practiced Reiki and meditation. But it still amazed me how Brian and Carole could lead hundreds of people into past life experiences, people sitting centimetres apart from each other, sometimes touching, and having unique and powerful experiences… and I WAS FINE. Brian says “Miracles happen”. This is how I knew Brian and Carole were the teachers for me. This was my first miracle.


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