Past-life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy training… the aftermath!

“Learn everything you can from the past, and then let it go. If, earlier in your life, others could not express their love to you, it was because they were blocked, not because of some defect in you.” Dr Brian Weiss, 2015

“And I will awaken you by counting up from 10 to 1… with each number you will feel more and more alert… 1…. 2… 3…”

My face was wet with the tears of my grief… and horror. What had I done?

“4… 5… 6…”

I gently released the experience of that life… a high ranking girl with aspirations to the priesthood… and brought the healing back with me.


Image: Introspect by Ramasamy Chidambaram at

“7… 8…”

My baby sister was not gone. I had left her to her fate without a thought… and she was sitting right beside me.

“9… 10…”

I opened my eyes and her dark velvety eyes looked right back at me.

“Are you OK?”

“I… I… I…” deep breath. “I was Indian. We were together. You were my little sister and I was a … shitty big sister. I thought you were a pest. I am so sorry. I didn’t look after you and I should have. I am so sorry.”

A river of tears poured from my heart.

In some quiet corner of my mind, I wondered if she thought I had lost it… crazy or opportunistic… it didn’t matter. My heart was the open wound you feel when you lose your child and find her again.

And then the miracle happened.

“I didn’t want to say anything. I thought you would think I was crazy. When I met you, I saw my mother’s eyes. I thought maybe you were my mother.” Bhavi’s tears mixed with mine. “I forgive you. I love you.”

I held her and rocked her like she was still the baby in the orange tunic I had just left. “I love you too.”

We cried and cried, and like any good mother should, I supplied the tissues for snotty noses from the depths of my suitably stocked handbag. The tissues rained down like confetti at a wedding.

Then Bhavi lifted her dewy eyes to mine with wonder “It’s gone… that feeling. I don’t feel unloved anymore. It’s gone.”


PS The third miracle was that in searching for an image that looked like Bhavi in India in the 1500s, I found her again… in a free image on the internet… this is exactly how she looked to me.


8 thoughts on “Past Life Regression Therapy training… the aftermath!”

  1. It can be a bit of a journey to find what makes sense for you. Good on you for putting yourself out there. Some things just seem like fun to me and when I do them, I find I am on the right path. Hope you find fun things that inspire you too.


  2. The thing is… I’m not sure what my instincts are from what is mind made. When I thought they were instincts and trusted it, I was told I was wrong. And it turned out to be true eventually but I don’t know if that is still true completely. I don’t know. I’m just very confused right now. Honestly, I just want to know the truth about things. I’m tired of games.

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    1. I hear you. It’s a tricky time – learning to discriminate truth from illusion is called the first spiritual lesson – and its so frustrating when everyone is saying to just trust your instincts. I have experience of not trusting myself. I once convinced myself that someone else knew more than me – turned out I was right all along and it took me 10 years to unlearn the stuff that wasn’t helpful. I can also trick myself by thinking about things too much. For me, the first thought is usually the one to trust. Meditation and hypnotherapy is also useful when it puts you into the alpha brainwave state that accesses your inner wisdom. Inner wisdom cannot be accessed by the day-to-day conscious mind or beta brainwave state. ( There will be an activity that works for you to access your innate wisdom… for example, muscle testing (kinesiology) can give you insight into what your body thinks. For me, sitting under a tree doing something that makes me happy with a book and pen at my elbow works just as well. I jot down ideas as they occur to me. I also like Reiki. So your key question is… what activity will help you activate your innate wisdom?


      1. I have been trying to figure this out… I have been to Reiki sessions and therapy and took dance classes, tried meditation, read books, traveled a bit, started a blog… I still haven’t gathered much clarity… I am just trying to keep my head above water for now, trying not to dwell in depression, self-pity and what-ifs. Right now the most prevalent thought in my head is “I don’t know”. That’s all that circles my head and I’m grateful that it has at least replaced the “I don’t want to live” thought.

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  3. I read in Brian Weiss’s books that we usually tend to come back on earth within the same circle of people that is known as our soul family…I was wondering what you think about that…and the fact that Bhavi and you weren’t exactly around each other in this birth despite having such a close relationship in your previous lifetime.


    1. That’s a great observation. My experience is that life has been a journey of unfolding miracles (with lots of lessons in between). I have shared other lives with my birth family and the information about that tends to surface to support something I am learning or healing. My soul connection to Bhavi surfaced in a series of synchronous events that endorsed past life therapy so I would use it to help others (and proved to my ego that it was a ‘true’ experience). And as Brian Weiss would say “Miracles happen”. Bhavi and I came a very long way to find each other again. In Eastern religions, they talk about dharma – destiny. We have many soul mates and I think it’s kind of cool that we can find them anytime in the unfolding of our journey.

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      1. I feel like experiencing a past life would help me, especially to know for sure that there is a higher purpose and that life isn’t just to hurt and that I chose this life myself and whatever pain I’m going through is probably because I chose to feel it in a way… I haven’t been able to yet with the Brian Weiss audio from YouTube. I’m going to a hypnosis therapist but we haven’t tried regression yet. It’s mainly working on belief system change and inner child…

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      2. Trust your instincts about what you need (what would be fun has always been a great benchmark for me.) I always send out a message and ask for the help and support for what I need/want – whether you are asking God, your Higher Consciousness or Quantum Fred as Pam Grout calls it, it’s all fine, just ask. Then I just pay attention to what pops up in front of me (I also pay attention to my dreams) and do a second check with my instincts. Wishing you all the best with it xx


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