Win a weekend ticket to Enlighten Adelaide

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How exciting! I have been invited to exhibit at Enlighten Adelaide. Another stallholder thought I would be a good fit for this ‘feel good’ festival and the Event Director agreed. Wow! It is wonderful to feel so welcome. Click here for more information and a chance to WIN a weekend pass.

There is a FREE raffle – a door prize with lots of goodies. I have donated a FREE Past-life Regression Therapy session as prize, and I can’t wait to see who wins it.

… and how’s this? Children under 15 are FREE! How seriously cool is that?

I have been learning so much in the past few months… and now it’s time to get my head around creating marketing ads and setting up a great exhibition stall. I’m going to have fun and cook up something a bit off-beat. I am also thinking about putting aside 10 minute appointments so people can have a one-to-one chat with me, or a Reiki attunement.

What do you think?



Happy Valentine’s Day

Come on over and join in the tag along poem and the party with jacquelineobyikocha. What a classic, happy and heart-felt beginning for Valentine’s Day.

Jacqueline begins…

Her eyes shone with tears

That clung to her lashes

She glanced at the ring

It’s twinkles brought back flashes


Then I had fun contributing my part to the poem…

The midnight sea glistened

With the moon’s tender touch

Bated breath he listened

He wanted her so much

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. It’s all about connection.

Blog_160214 fall-with-rings-7-1562159 by Adyna

Image: Fall with rings by Adyna, from free

Back soon…

Sorry for the storytelling break! I am very conscious that I am in the middle of 2 soul mate stories. We’ve just had our youngest child diagnosed with dyslexia… that’s 3 dyslexic kids for us.

So grateful for the capable people who have supported our family with their skills and expertise. Thank you to the teachers, tutors and nutritionists. Thank you to everyone who asked me “How are you?” and listened to the answer.

Each child is different, and while we have the experience of helping the older two children become fluent readers who love learning, this is a unique journey for our youngest. We are still working out how his literacy and social interactions are shaped by his extra-ordinary qualities.

Blog posts may be intermittent while we get settled and work out what the little fella needs. So bear with me… and I’ll be back very soon.

Blog_160211 waiting-for-the-sun-1563786 by Wotjek Wolanski copy