Sorry for the storytelling break! I am very conscious that I am in the middle of 2 soul mate stories. We’ve just had our youngest child diagnosed with dyslexia… that’s 3 dyslexic kids for us.

So grateful for the capable people who have supported our family with their skills and expertise. Thank you to the teachers, tutors and nutritionists. Thank you to everyone who asked me “How are you?” and listened to the answer.

Each child is different, and while we have the experience of helping the older two children become fluent readers who love learning, this is a unique journey for our youngest. We are still working out how his literacy and social interactions are shaped by his extra-ordinary qualities.

Blog posts may be intermittent while we get settled and work out what the little fella needs. So bear with me… and I’ll be back very soon.

Blog_160211 waiting-for-the-sun-1563786 by Wotjek Wolanski copy



One thought on “Back soon…

  1. Wow, in between three kids you still are able to manage your work and this blog!? :O That’s amazing! 🙂 Even through all the challenges you are here to inspire us! Looking forward to your posts 🙂

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