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Here I am!

Today, I heard the history of my new-old building. You’ve probably seen the pictures on my website. Built in 1929 by two Methodist philanthropists, it has seen numerous owners both famous and infamous. Some even had to flee the country for nefarious and evil deeds.

But the most wonderful thing I heard was that there is a tradition of self-employed professional people loving the building, running successful practices and staying into their 80s. There is nothing I would like better.

The move has taken considerable effort. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Ethan, Kyran and Finn, the miracle team who managed to insert and extract a retro kitchen dresser from the vintage lift. Special thank you to Rhianne for her interior decorating and feng shui tips, and also to the guys in the BTS café store downstairs for the free ‘welcome to the building’ hot chocolate. If you haven’t tried one, they are amazing. Thank you all!

Images: Suite 308 Epworth Building, Anne Marie McGlasson 2016

The retro couch started it all. I am quite pleased with the ‘New York loft’ feel of it (or could it be that it reminds me of Sesame Street? LOL). Stay tuned for the photos of my ‘retro kitchen’ waiting area.

I have discovered the closest carparks and how much they cost. I have also re-discovered the tram! Cheaper than parking, it drops me off on the doorstep (well, almost!) and it’s a great way to meet new friends. A lady I met today knew a friend of mine. We both laughed. It was a case of one degree of separation.

Come and visit and tell me what you think of me new suite.

I am ready to start… past life therapy anyone?


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