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Should healers charge for their services?

This very interesting question popped up on social media, today. It is not a new question. I have seen it raised over and over for decades.
pexels-photo-254183The tension arises because, as healers and therapists, we know that the energy that heals is divine in origin. We use the skills and expertise we have developed, but people really heal themselves. They heal themselves using the universal energy that we all have locked into the cells of our bodies.
How can we put a dollar figure on that?
Is it even right to put a dollar figure on it?
The current world vibration uses money creatively for lessons in responsibility, self-care, power, respect, balance and love. My belief is that we are between those times where egalitarian societies support people for expressing their gifts in service to mankind and where everyone has enough. We have lived in these societies previously, and I am very hopeful that we will again.
Right now, we have souls at all levels of maturity on our beautiful planet and so we are operating with money as the energy form that everyone understands. Being patient with people who live a materialistic life is important, but eating and providing for ourselves and our families is also important.
My approach as a healer, seer and therapist is to work within the world construct (and yes, accept money as the agreed method of balance and exchange) while vibrating at the highest, gentlest and most loving frequency I can.
Love and blessings to you all.
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