Esoteric Philosophy, Meditation

“I exist in my own perfection.”

It began with a prickling head. It was a slow Tuesday after a long weekend. The sort of Tuesday, where your body and mind have experienced being completely unwound and were now trying to work out what was important.

I remembered back to all the intense activity before the weekend. It was inspired and had a life of its own, but how much of it was truly important? How much of it was necessary?

Now in a relaxed mindset, it was hard to tell. I only knew that I felt the innui that accompanies an unwelcome wind up. I really wasn’t sure that I wanted to re-enter that work mindset. Diligently, I sat down at my laptop and began to work. I began to catch up on the work that had been put aside in favour of husband and children over a weekend of wonderful healing connection.

I packed up and got ready to go for my monthly massage

… and it was cancelled.

My head began prickling.

I had also put aside meditation in favour of husband and children. My ego insisted that there wasn’t time, that there were more practical things to be doing, and that I didn’t want to know what my soul thought anyway.

I picked up my newly washed meditation crystals and headed to my sanctuary – my retro caravan parked in the driveway.

Almost immediately the most beautiful violet light poured over and through me. Lifting my spirits, inspiring me and connecting me to my highest inspiration.

“I exist in my own perfection.”



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