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The higher includes the lower…

“The higher always includes the lower, but the lower does not include the higher.” Esoteric Philosophy

Why do we have the conflict we do in the world? People have been meditating for eons on the benefit of peace and love, joy and beauty. We have created these states over and over.

But not everyone is at the same level.

In its higher expression, love is unconditional love for all of humanity. In its lower expression, love is sex. Unconditional love will always include sex, but sex does not include unconditional love.

Our dual world includes both higher and lower states so that we have an opportunity to harmonise those aspects of ourselves that are in conflict. We live that out – our attention is drawn to the need for harmonising – through our relationships with others. We translate inner conflict into interpersonal conflict.

When we don’t pay attention to the cues, this can escalate into intense suffering.

When we don’t pay attention to the cues, the higher can fracture the lower… and create the opportunity for growth.



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