Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Wisdom in Practice

My tribe is humanity

In a world that prizes free will and creative self expression, the expressions of the lower nature (also called the ego or personality) are easy to identify.

Turn on the TV, log onto Facebook, interact on Twitter or scroll though Instagram and we find people expressing greed, need, negativity, addiction, ill-health, deception, betrayal, selfishness, ignorance, cruelty. People wearing many faces… and so often oblivious to the ugliness and ineffectiveness of these expressions. People teaching themselves… the hard way.

We find those yearning for more. Those seeking a way to express their life motive and their connection to the Soul Force that some call God. People who come willingly or are forced by life to release what no longer works and grow into new expressions.

Further along the path are those who are truly awake and serving humanity quietly, diligently, humbly and determinedly. People expressing their soul qualities and using a framework of higher values whether these come from science, philosophy, religion or knowingness.

…and we are all the same. In this dual world, the uphill journey is both up and down, with moments of suffering and moments of complete connection. We are a tribe. We are humanity. We travel the path together.



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