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Shadow self

Should we give into despair when we encounter the worst aspects of people’s personalities (including our own)? Should we despair when diplomacy between countries looks more like a conflict between pre-schoolers? Should we despair at the state of our beautiful world?

As the higher qualities of the soul shine down and infuse with the lower qualities of the personality, it is as if a bright light has been turned on in a room that has been dark. We see what is there to be seen. That which has survived in the dark unnoticed becomes evident for all to see. The darkness has become shadows.

Shadows are the aspects of ourselves, our nations and our world that call out to us to be harmonised and healed. Most of us spend our lives asleep, so the suffering required to wake us up can be extreme.

What is the practical solution? What can we do? Over the ages there have been many teachers who have pointed the way forward. One of my favourites is Carl Jung. His message was…

Integrate the shadow self. Own it. Heal it. Transform it. Don’t give in to despair.



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