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Be of high character

Anything goes, right?… well, maybe!

Right now, we have an abundance of free will… and that is good. Free will is a wonderful gift. It is enlivening and joyful. It allows us to create wonderful experiences and material things that have not existed before. Free will is the most glorious and chaotic free-for-all.

Right now, there are many, many opportunities to make personal choices and almost no frameworks to guide us in our decision making. We have everyone’s opinion available at the click of a mouse, but does it make decision-making easier? or the outcomes more wise? How do we know what works?

Character works. Being the best version of yourself works. Being soul-centred works. But what does that mean? and how do we put it into play?

Let’s try…. Integrity, Responsibility, Forgiveness and Compassion.

Let’s put it into play every day… at home, at work and especially with our children.

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