“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

I have begun the year with many new offerings, because you asked for them. Please come if you feel inspired to and perhaps bring friend.

‘The Soulful Living Program’ will be launched with a free Experiential Workshop on 22 January. 

The weekly ‘Soulful Pathways’ class begins on 4 February.

A weekend of ‘Soulful Psychology’ is offered on 9-10 February.

Reiki ONE practitioner training is on 23-24 March.

I am teaching Symbolism ~ the language of Spirit ~ on Instagram. Follow me if you would like to learn about interpreting dreams and meditation.

New episodes of The Soulful Therapist are available on Apple Podcast or Stitcher or Spotifyor my website.

Online booking for classes and appointments is now available.

New beginnings are adventures. I am not sure where this adventure will take us or whether any of these will be offered again. That part of it is up to you. 

I made it for you. Is this what you want?

Peace and blessings
Anne Marie