Finding the right therapist.

The right help.

What are the things that work for you? Gentle counselling, directive coaching, reiki or meditation, yoga or snorkelling. What are the activities that bring you joy? Who are the people that bring you peace?

What are the things that don’t help? Talking therapies work wonderfully for a lot of people, but not for all of us. If its not working, be bold and try something new. Some help is not helpful… not wrong, just not helpful for us.

The right time.

And its all in the timing. Something may be right for us, but we are not yet ready… and that is completely fine. When we are ready, change can be easy, even miraculous. When we aren’t ready, change can be almost impossible. Its best to be gentle and patient with ourselves.

The right place.

We have so many options, online, face-to-face, close to home or a plane trip away. Do we need to rest and reach out online? Do we need an adventure and the green time a journey brings? or do we need the magic of a healing sanctuary?

The right help at the right time in the right place .

If we are struggling with a life challenge this is the goal.

Interview me for 15 minutes by text, phone or face-to-face. I could be the right help for you.