Which ‘I’ is looking now?

Manifesting our dreams, creating the life we want, what are we missing?

Your average online guru will generally introduce you to a set of personality-driven action steps to create the life you want. There may be anywhere from four to seven.

What are they missing? The rest.

Esoteric Philosophy proposes that we are naturally creative agents. That we can’t get it wrong because that’s who we are, and the plan for our life is determined by our soul.

Esoteric Philosophy describes seventeen steps for manifestation that encourage us to grow.

Life is sensing our soul’s plan and learning to manifest that. Life is our personality as a willing servant to our soul’s purpose.

We know when we are off track. We suffer anxiety, depression and other symptoms. Pain wakes us up. It encourages us to do better.

When we learn to pay attention. When we ask ourselves “Which ‘I’ (eye) is looking now? our soul or our personality?” we have the chance to get back on track.