I don’t believe in Reiki… will it still work?


Sometimes when people ask this question, it means no.

No, I don’t want Reiki.

One of the greatest and most fundamental gifts we have is free will. Only we can know what is right for us. Because we are completely unique. So no means no, and I listen carefully for the hidden no, so I can be respectful.

But sometimes when people ask this question, they are seeking an answer.

There are many forms of Reiki. There are many ways to connect to universal life.

The Reiki I teach is a science of energy. It is a system of enlightenment.

When an initiated Master attunes you to Reiki, universal energy is available to you for the rest of your life. It is a chemistry equation that puts wellness in your hands.

Touch activates universal energy whether you are conscious or not, whether you are overwhelmed or not, whether you believe or not.

And the outcome is as unique as you are.

I am teaching Reiki ONE on February 8-9. Join me, if it’s time.