Testing times.

When times are difficult, we automatically ask ourselves “What have I done wrong?” and “What have I done to deserve this?”

… and often the answer is… nothing.

So then, we default to “How did this happen?’ and “Who’s fault is it?”

… and that’s when our filters kick in.

The filters that we see the world through.

The filters created by childhood experience.

The filters created by past-life experience.

The filters created by our soul purpose.

And it creates conflict… internal conflict, and external conflict. It gets messy. It gets painful. This is personality-based life.

So what is the alternative?

A soul-based life assumes there is a deeper meaning to testing times. We reassure ourselves that “I am doing nothing wrong” (unless you are then please do take steps to change it) and ask ourselves “What am I learning?”

And we are patient with ourselves… because sometimes the answers take time.