We can feed vitality.

These are interesting times… and as we have seen, the fear of COVID-19 is as significant as the virus itself.

During this crisis, I am providing Distance Reiki on Monday and Thursdays at 11am. 

Join me… and perhaps share with one or two friends.

We are more than physical beings. 

The coronavirus is a physical threat. We respond by preparing physically and shopping for what we may need.

We are mental-emotional beings. 

The coronavirus is a mental-emotional threat. There are two pathways in the brain – love and fear. Fear of death is now the emotional space most of us are living in. It is an infectious smog we are living in and breathing in. 

But we are more than our thoughts and feelings. We can choose to respond by holding the point of tension of uncertainty, being grateful and loving those around us.

We are spiritual beings.

The coronavirus is a not a spiritual threat. We are beautiful immortal souls. Lifetime after lifetime, we are reunited with our soul mates. We can choose to respond to the restrictions on going without, by going within.

We have an etheric body.

The coronavirus is an etheric threat. Our physical body sits within an envelope – a web – of light. This etheric body absorbs life force energy from light, feeding it into the endocrine (hormonal) system via our chakras. Our etheric body is our vitality. Our vitality is our immunity – our ability to deflect illness and dis-ease. We can choose to respond by feeding our vitality with good food, exercise and sunlight. (The challenge will be to do this while observing all the health advice.)

I am choosing to do Reiki everyday.

I will send you Distance Reiki and a temporary booster attunement if you want to join me.

The attunement is temporary (like a henna tattoo) so it will wear off somewhere between 3 days and 2 weeks. I will send you instructions on how to give yourself a hands-on Reiki session. 

Reiki is Universal life force energy that boosts our physical vitality and creates peace. We are stronger together. 

For your reassurance…

My clinic will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Video counselling, coaching and mentoring session continue.

One-to-one sessions will continue. We will be washing our hands at the beginning and end of our session, and I will be cleaning surfaces between sessions.

Reiki sharing and other workshops are postponed.

Reiki training will continue as private master classes.

My podcast is streaming now.

Peace, love and abundance to all,

Anne Marie McGlasson