Words of Power

Words have power. They can hurt or heal people, inspire or paralyse them. Each word is a bell ringing in the ethers signalling to the Universe our intentions. Each word is an expression of our consciousness and our maturity. Sometimes other's words ring so loudly in our ears that we cannot unhear them... and so, … Continue reading Words of Power

The eye of the storm is always calm… or is it?

At our very centre is the place we access our Higher Self, our Inner Guru, our Soul's Wisdom. When we find our centre, we can be ourselves... peacefully. Simple. Except its not. Sometimes when we arrive at what we think is our centre, we find turmoil. Daily, personality-based living can make us believe that overwhelmed … Continue reading The eye of the storm is always calm… or is it?

Brain hack.

20 minutes of peace and relaxation. It's a simple recipe for health. Simple... and often so difficult to achieve. We have no time for this... or do we? Our perception of 'not enough time' is created by too much activity... whatever it may be. Our brains speed up and time races by. When we stop … Continue reading Brain hack.