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Healing the mind and spirit

“You’re not merely your physical self. You existed before you came into your physical body, and you will exist after you leave your body” Dr Brian Weiss MD, Healing the Mind & Spirit Cards For some, it has been a difficult week for grief. People die and are gone. We feel the loss of connection deeply.… Continue reading Healing the mind and spirit

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Gilby… part 2

I sat at the table as Christmas dinner was served and committed myself to watching carefully. Did Grandpa really have a story for every situation? I watched him carefully, feet swinging, as Dad carved the roast with the new electric knife and Mum and Aunty whizzed back and forth from the kitchen with last minute… Continue reading Gilby… part 2

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Gilby… part 1

It was Christmas. “Here we go again. Another round of Gilby’s stories.” I looked at my cousin with the round-eyed shock a small person feels when a beloved and looked-up-to elder does something unaccountable. Eight years older, he was my eldest cousin. I thought he was perfect. When I was very small, I had decided… Continue reading Gilby… part 1

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We are all connected…

We are all connected… Unsurprisingly, I had nightmares that night. When I finally returned to my hotel room after the first day of the ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ workshop with Dr Brian Weiss, I reluctantly turned on the TV, feeling compelled by a sense of world citizenship. “I should make sure that I know what… Continue reading We are all connected…