Here I am!

Today, I heard the history of my new-old building. You’ve probably seen the pictures on my website. Built in 1929 by two Methodist philanthropists, it has seen numerous owners both famous and infamous. Some even had to flee the country for nefarious and evil deeds.

But the most wonderful thing I heard was that there is a tradition of self-employed professional people loving the building, running successful practices and staying into their 80s. There is nothing I would like better.

The move has taken considerable effort. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Ethan, Kyran and Finn, the miracle team who managed to insert and extract a retro kitchen dresser from the vintage lift. Special thank you to Rhianne for her interior decorating and feng shui tips, and also to the guys in the BTS café store downstairs for the free ‘welcome to the building’ hot chocolate. If you haven’t tried one, they are amazing. Thank you all!

IMG_8189  IMG_8190

Images: Suite 308 Epworth Building, Anne Marie McGlasson 2016

The retro couch started it all. I am quite pleased with the ‘New York loft’ feel of it (or could it be that it reminds me of Sesame Street? LOL). Stay tuned for the photos of my ‘retro kitchen’ waiting area.

I have discovered the closest carparks and how much they cost. I have also re-discovered the tram! Cheaper than parking, it drops me off on the doorstep (well, almost!) and it’s a great way to meet new friends. A lady I met today knew a friend of mine. We both laughed. It was a case of one degree of separation.

Come and visit and tell me what you think of me new suite.

I am ready to start… past life therapy anyone?


Anne Marie McGlasson is a published author, psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Therapy (trained by Dr Brian Weiss, MD of ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’). Also a Reiki 7A Therapist and Reiki 3B Master-Teacher, she uses a holistic eclectic approach to ignite hope, purpose and belongingness, and believes we are all deeply connected.

Who am I and why am I here?

Unsurprisingly, the story of this blog has been an unfolding journey… like the morning sun kissing the surface of a still pond… or the slowly awakening petals of a lotus, opening until we reach its heart.


Image: Pond lily by Kevin M,

This blog began as a way for me to begin writing again… something I had given up as a young woman when I realized I must give myself only one option for the words that needed to be spoken. Now, words begged to be written. I was burning with outrage at the way our Western throw-away society throws away people. I wanted to ignite hope in the hopeless. I wanted to communicate to those considering suicide that “dead is not dead”. I wanted to light a candle in the darkness.

I still want to do that…

But on the way, it changed…

Life called. We live in a society where children must be fed and educated, and a roof over our heads just takes money. My blog morphed into a business website. I learned about Faith and Abundance (yes! with capital letters) and my clinical rooms became a re-charging station for people who help others.

And still, there has been a book calling me… a book calling me to write it. The message has changed. I am still listening for what it may be while I polish each post like a gem… making today’s few words gleam in the sun, resonating with joy and peace, love and hope.

Wishing you all the very best for 2016. May miracles find you daily.



“Success comes when you… surround yourself with nice people” Will.I.Am, Joanna Lumley talks to Will.I.Am, 2015

“North Adelaide is such a pretty suburb… big homes on small blocks oozing old-fashioned opulence… great modern architecture… big footpaths…”

I entertained myself with a stream of consciousness, feeling very fair that I was giving North Adelaide equal chance to charm me as a business locale. “Glenelg does have the ocean on the doorstep and an art gallery across the road, with people joyously throwing paint on canvas, but let’s see what’s here… is this a better business proposition?”

And then I discovered a blackboard enticingly inscribed “Steak, caramelized onion and rosemary pie $6.50.” Hello, Achilles heel, boutique meat pies for under $10. Surely it was lunch time! AND I could add a sumptuous salad. What’s not to like!

“Go, North Adelaide! This is where I am going to have lunch every day.”

It was calm inside Butterfingers. Staff were preparing for the lunch trade with quiet focus. I was feeling loquacious (and that’s my 4 syllable word done for the day!)

“I have been looking for rooms for my new business. What do you think about clinical rooms in North Adelaide?” I asked the nice young server.

After a considered and thoughtful response about driving through town at peak hour and whether doctors were ready to refer to a holistic therapist, she gave me my table number….

Butterfingers_1  Butterfingers_4

Image: Butterfingers café, North Adelaide, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015 

It was the number of the address at Glenelg…

Decision made.

I got an instant fit of the giggles.

PS The pie was perfect, the salad yummy and the coffee was G-O-O-O- O-O-D! I am not mentioning the celebratory gluten-free brownie! What is better than nice people? Nice people who can cook.

PPS Story told with staff permission… and yes! I paid for my meal.


The hunt continues…


Travelling across town, I realized that rooms in North Adelaide meant 3 things – no ocean, traffic lights, and peak hour traffic through town to get to work.

“No biggie” I encouraged myself. “I have done it before and travelled further.”

“OK, so there is the building… I LOVE THAT BUILDING… and there would be… no parking… for me… or clients!” I was late to meet the (very agreeable) real estate agent. The first park I found was a 10 minute walk around the corner, but hey! the jacarandas were glorious.

Mental note 1: <projection> Angry, stressed, apologetic clients arrive in my rooms cranky as no parking was available, thereby wasting the first 10-15 minutes of the session and creating a culture where appointments run chronically overtime.

226 Melb St_10

Image: Gorgeous building, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015

What can I say? The building was to die for. The environment was clinical with lots of medical doctors doing their thing. Each space had a reception area with a busy administrator and lots of colour coded files. My first model for business, before my initial plan had gone belly up, was to offer my services to North Adelaide doctors as the answer to stress for their chronically ill patients. Doctors care about their patients, right? Would they take to a holistic therapist not just on their doorstep, but inside the building? This would be a return to my original business model.

226 Melb St_12

Images: North Adelaide rooms, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015

Mental note 2: <taking notes> My room was a blank canvas. There were toilets, a kitchen and a reception area. The room was a great size for me – good for individual clients and perfect for teaching Reiki in small groups. The rate was similar to the rooms at Glenelg, but I would – pay more – have 24/7 access.

“A bit of a pity about the no parking and the bars on the windows overlooking other people’s cars.” I mused. “Hmmmm…. No natural light.”

“Ok. So apart from the central location, the lotus pond and the stained glass window entrance… what has this property got to offer?”

Mental note 3: <cue> Walk down the street and ponder…


A story to remind you that magic happens – Part 2

“From an early age my mother taught me to honour female relationships. You have a choice: you can support the woman standing next to you or you can compete with her.” Kate Hudson, Marie Claire, May 2015*


“Ok, so apart from the 10 minutes to leave the school area after dropping off Dino-boy this is an easy trip. All the other traffic is heading TO town. I love driving against the traffic to work. Points in favour of having rooms at Glenelg.” I mused on the way to the first inspection. I was already cataloguing the advantages and hoping for a drop-dead sign from the higher realms to indicate my best choice. “I can walk on the beach for daily exercise. I could try out that yoga studio… and the room sure looks pretty in the photos.”

Just down the street, I found plentiful parking in a 3 hour parking zone – no ticket required. “Another plus… client parking is taken care of.”

“Now for the interview. Remember ‘What can you do for me?’ not “How do I make this work?’” I reminded myself to park my easygoing nature at the kerb with the car.

Lisa was genuine and welcoming. She described a cooperative of women working to support each other start and develop their businesses. She explained how one woman started business by chatting with people in local cafes. (I can do that! Supergirl and Princess complain when I chat to randoms on the street but it looked like my abundant personality was just about to become an asset.) Lisa offered to help me with cross-referrals too (how amazing!) and then gave me the exact weekly rental figure I wanted for the 2 days I wanted. After that, she explained the rooms were “all full up”.

Lisa told me more about who was working there, and I recognized someone I knew. I had given her a job a few years ago, and now on top of everything else she was a yoga instructor. “Maybe she could teach me yoga.”

1-5 Sussex St_1  1-5 Sussex St_3  1-5 Sussex St_2

Image: Rooms at Gleneg, Eshe Counselling advertisement 2015

I walked away promising to let Lisa know today, right after my inspection of Property 2. I The only down-side to the room was the stairs. People with mobility issues were going to struggle.

I had a bit of time before the next inspection. “How about I just go for a wander and explore the locale?” I coached myself, “and a drink of water would be great about now.”

I walked to the corner, turned right and spied the first garment inside the dress store. It was a shirt the exact style of perfect green I had envisioned in my head to wear to work…


* Quote read the day before Inspection 1 while waiting for an appointment.


A story to remind you that magic happens – Part 1

I stared at the screen in horror. It was Sunday night. My first client was booked in for Wednesday afternoon… and the rooms I had been promised were now unavailable.

It was a polite email, even an apologetic email, but the handshake agreement would not be honoured. My fledgling business was no competition for the better offer that had been received.

I was numb. I had time before my brain started a fear-based freak-out, to remind myself that “when a door closes, a window opens… and everything turns out for the best… yada yada…” (you know the drill!) That started my ‘til-midnight search for new rooms. Thank goodness for the internet!

When I tore myself away, I had 2 serious contenders – a shared holistic therapy space in beach-side Glenelg, and a clinical office space in central North Adelaide – both gorgeous old buildings with old world charm and perfect for different reasons.

I went to bed and took a leaf out of Doreen Virtue’s book – I made a serious request for help with decision making and opportunities – and that’s when the magic started!

1-5 Sussex St_9

Image: Front door, Anne Marie McGlasson 2015