Esoteric Philosophy, Meditation

“I exist in my own perfection.”

It began with a prickling head. It was a slow Tuesday after a long weekend. The sort of Tuesday, where your body and mind have experienced being completely unwound and were now trying to work out what was important. I remembered back to all the intense activity before the weekend. It was inspired and had… Continue reading “I exist in my own perfection.”

Meditation, Wisdom in Practice

People seeking

So often seeking, Seeking what seems to be missing. So busy moving, Afraid to breathe.   Afraid to be still, Afraid to be light, Afraid to be love, Afraid to be peace.   Just for today, breathe Lift your face to the sky… Breathe… And receive. Image: Soap bubble in the air by Vladas Dirzys… Continue reading People seeking

Meditation, Wisdom in Practice

“This is a time of purification…”

What if the troubles that present themselves to us are part of a process of purification? An opportunity to release that which is outmoded, out-dated, that which has run its course and is no longer needed? MEDITATION FOR COURAGE Sit quietly and breathe deeply and evenly… yoga breathing… breathing in compassion for self, breathing out… Continue reading “This is a time of purification…”

Hypnotherapy, Meditation

You are not the same person as you were yesterday…

This is my gift to everyone who is struggling with a transition to a new state of mind or a new stage of life. MEDITATION FOR CHANGE “… and as you continue to relax, so calm, so comfortable, I am going to present some ideas to your subconscious mind… suggestions for you to consider, try… Continue reading You are not the same person as you were yesterday…