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Should healers charge for their services?

This very interesting question popped up on social media, today. It is not a new question. I have seen it raised over and over for decades. The tension arises because, as healers and therapists, we know that the energy that heals is divine in origin. We use the skills and expertise we have developed, but… Continue reading Should healers charge for their services?

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White Ribbon Day

While it is Thanksgiving in America, Australia has been having White Ribbon Day - a week devoted to educating ourselves and standing up to men's violence against women. Of particular note, have been excellent documentaries by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) called 'Hitting Home with Sarah Ferguson' and 'Call Me Dad'. There was also an incredible Q&A episode… Continue reading White Ribbon Day

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You are not the same person as you were yesterday…

This is my gift to everyone who is struggling with a transition to a new state of mind or a new stage of life. MEDITATION FOR CHANGE “… and as you continue to relax, so calm, so comfortable, I am going to present some ideas to your subconscious mind… suggestions for you to consider, try… Continue reading You are not the same person as you were yesterday…