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Lessons in love…

“Instead of worrying about specific outcomes and results, just do the right thing. Reach out unselfishly and with love.” Brian Weiss A mask of grief overlaid her pretty face, and mascara stained her pretty cheeks. She appealed to me with desperate wet-washed eyes to support her belief in love. She just made a mistake, she… Continue reading Lessons in love…

Counselling, Service


I was the counsellor for the whole town. Alice Springs was a thriving community in 1993. I arrived as a fresh faced young professional seeking opportunities to expand my skills and experience. I had begun my working career as a rehabilitation counsellor in Adelaide four years before and through good training and sheer stubborness has… Continue reading Home

Counselling, Past-life Regression

Go back to the moment the problem first began… part 1

It was 1993 and I was still having problems - flashbacks, nightmares and being triggered by similar situations. Most of the work I had done to heal myself of being raped when I was seven and made outcast from my community, I had done alone. My mother, bless her, had ascribed to the view that… Continue reading Go back to the moment the problem first began… part 1