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Be of high character

Anything goes, right?... well, maybe! Right now, we have an abundance of free will... and that is good. Free will is a wonderful gift. It is enlivening and joyful. It allows us to create wonderful experiences and material things that have not existed before. Free will is the most glorious and chaotic free-for-all. Right now,… Continue reading Be of high character

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Shadow self

Should we give into despair when we encounter the worst aspects of people's personalities (including our own)? Should we despair when diplomacy between countries looks more like a conflict between pre-schoolers? Should we despair at the state of our beautiful world? As the higher qualities of the soul shine down and infuse with the lower… Continue reading Shadow self

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Go back to the moment the problem first began… part 1

It was 1993 and I was still having problems - flashbacks, nightmares and being triggered by similar situations. Most of the work I had done to heal myself of being raped when I was seven and made outcast from my community, I had done alone. My mother, bless her, had ascribed to the view that… Continue reading Go back to the moment the problem first began… part 1