People seeking

So often seeking,

Seeking what seems to be missing.

So busy moving,

Afraid to breathe.


Afraid to be still,

Afraid to be light,

Afraid to be love,

Afraid to be peace.


Just for today, breathe

Lift your face to the sky…


And receive.


Image: Soap bubble in the air by Vladas Dirzys at, 2015


Who am I and why am I here?

Unsurprisingly, the story of this blog has been an unfolding journey… like the morning sun kissing the surface of a still pond… or the slowly awakening petals of a lotus, opening until we reach its heart.


Image: Pond lily by Kevin M,

This blog began as a way for me to begin writing again… something I had given up as a young woman when I realized I must give myself only one option for the words that needed to be spoken. Now, words begged to be written. I was burning with outrage at the way our Western throw-away society throws away people. I wanted to ignite hope in the hopeless. I wanted to communicate to those considering suicide that “dead is not dead”. I wanted to light a candle in the darkness.

I still want to do that…

But on the way, it changed…

Life called. We live in a society where children must be fed and educated, and a roof over our heads just takes money. My blog morphed into a business website. I learned about Faith and Abundance (yes! with capital letters) and my clinical rooms became a re-charging station for people who help others.

And still, there has been a book calling me… a book calling me to write it. The message has changed. I am still listening for what it may be while I polish each post like a gem… making today’s few words gleam in the sun, resonating with joy and peace, love and hope.

Wishing you all the very best for 2016. May miracles find you daily.


“Look up…”

I looked up and as I did my head cleared, my lungs expanded and a lightness of being flooded my chest. I felt good. My head seemed to rest more sensibly on my shoulders and I became aware that I was proud of myself. Life was not easy, but when I looked up, I saw the sky and the wind in the trees. With my chin up, I recognised the sovereignty within me… the sovereignty within us all.


Image: What’s up there by Sugargrl14, DeviantArt

I realised that I have been looking down a lot… I realised that I was not alone. So many of us are hurrying through our lives with furrowed brows and faces of worry, hunched over and distracted by the next task on our private get-ahead agenda.

Perhaps we should all take a moment… to look up.



“This is a time of purification…”

What if the troubles that present themselves to us are part of a process of purification? An opportunity to release that which is outmoded, out-dated, that which has run its course and is no longer needed?


Sit quietly and breathe deeply and evenly… yoga breathing… breathing in compassion for self, breathing out compassion for all beings. Breathing deeply and evenly… breathing in compassion for self… breathing out compassion for all beings… deeply and evenly. And you will find as you continue to breathe that you become more and more relaxed. Compassion for self becoming part of each cell of your body and compassion for all beings arising naturally with each out breath. Breathing in compassion for self… breathing out compassion for all beings.

And as you breathe, you become aware of a wise being. This being is a helper and teacher, mentor and guide. They radiate infinite peace, gentleness and wisdom. You see joy and love in their eyes as they look at you. They offer you a gift. It is an acorn. Your helper drops the acorn into your hands and you can feel the woody texture against your hands. You cup the gift in your hands and you can feel the energy of the acorn – all its explosive potential for growth – infusing your being. This is the time of planting.

Around you, nature calls. There are so many places that are perfect to nurture a growing seedling. You find the perfect spot. There is enough sun, enough water and the ground is perfectly suited. You dig a hole in the rich earth, gently drop the acorn in and cover it over, patting the earth in place.

The seasons turn, and the acorn sprouts breaking through the earth and becoming a seedling. As you watch, it becomes bigger and stronger. From a seedling to a young sapling… then from a sapling to a tree. As each season turns, it becomes bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. Soon it is big enough for you to stand beneath. It protects you. You can hear the wind rustling its leaves and feel the sap running through its trunk. You can feel the bark under your hands.

And as you listen to the heart beat of the tree, you feel it’s strength, courage and protection. Let this strength, courage and protection surround you and fill you. Let yourself absorb the gift of the oak tree – your oak tree.

Know you can come back at any time to infuse your self with courage… and when you are ready you can open your eyes.


Image: Acorn by Emma McCreary, free


“Balance is necessary but so are extremes…”

The world lives in balance. The tide ebbs and flows, the chill of winter is balanced with the heat of summer, and the flight of birds is matched by the insects that crawl and the fish that swim. Night balances day, rain balances sun, mountains balance the seas. The more you look the more you find.

Nature lives in balance. Birth balances death. Sound balances silence. Movement balances stillness. And we never have to go far to find balance. Even for those of us most entrenched in urban life. The steam rising from a cup of tea balances the delicious chill of ice cream. The morning train balances a tree lifting itself out of the footpath.

So why is it that as human beings we pursue extremes? And why do we find ourself out of balance, unhappy, perplexed and even desperate? Is it all an accident? Is life one big cosmic joke? Are we such miserable failures at life? Or is there something more to it?


Perhaps in the knowing of unbalanced and extreme experience, we come to know ourselves better. Perhaps, we even challenge the illusions of the world.

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.” Dalai Lama XIV


You are not the same person as you were yesterday…

This is my gift to everyone who is struggling with a transition to a new state of mind or a new stage of life.

Anne Marie’s ‘Meditation for Change’.

“… and as you continue to relax, so calm, so comfortable, I am going to present some ideas to your subconscious mind… suggestions for you to consider, try on and adapt to find your perfect solution to your current issue. There is no right way or wrong way. There is just what works for you. You are a unique and gentle person with a limitless capacity to find creative solutions that work. Allow yourself to discover the solution that is best for you.

You find yourself standing beside a beautiful still pond surrounded by gentle trees. The waters are quiet and calm. There is a hushed stillness in the air. Just being beside this lake is peaceful and calming. Near where you are standing, there is a rock. It is large and smooth and just the right height for you to sit on. When you do, you find that you can see down into the depths of the water. The water is cool and calm, quiet and peaceful. A dragonfly hums past you. You enjoy breathing the clear air, and while the pond is peaceful, the air is fresh and invigorating. Every breathe makes you feels energized and alive.

And as you look into the pond, you realize that there is a seed in the mud at the bottom. You may not be able to see it but you can feel it lying in the soft squishy mud. It’s like it is sleeping… waiting…

And as you watch, it sprouts. A fine white tendril opens from the seed and secures it into the mud. Another tendril unfolds and seeks the light far above. The seed grows. As you watch the tendrils become stronger, connecting it to the earth below, and helping it find the light above. It grows stronger and stronger until finally the tendril, which is now a stem, breaks the surface of the water.

The plant rests, absorbing the rays from the sun above, becoming stronger and stronger. Leaves grow… beautiful big green circles that absorb more and more of the life-giving rays of the sun and returning this energy to the roots far below in the soft squishy mud. Tightly formed buds appear and then begin to flower. This is your flower. It can be any colour or type of flower you choose. This is the flowering of your consciousness… of your life. Feel each petal unfurl and as it does the air is filled with the most glorious fragrance. There is something so amazing and joyful about this smell. It is calming and clarifying. It makes you sure of who you are, what you want and how to go about it.

lotus3 white

 Image: Lotus from

Sit with your flower for a few minutes and absorb the lessons it has for your life. Make whatever connections you need to with your current experiences. Make sense of the need for life’s changes and natural transitions. Know that you can come back to your flower and this pond whenever you want to distill the lessons about change that are flowering in your life.”

“Every day, I am a new person… Each day your thoughts, intentions, and awareness stir you to change and evolve. See yourself and your loved ones as you are now, not as you were before.”  Brian Weiss MD


It begins…

2015 Tree_Omega

… and so I just listened as the wind whispered gently high above in the leaves of the healing tree.

New York, a city bursting with impatient, aggressive people all desperate to stand in the next line and wait. I was bemused watching the ebb and flow of people. The mothers pushing their babies in prams into the oncoming traffic against the traffic signals. Cars rushing by, changing lanes without warning. Traffic management people standing in the road telling drivers they could NOT use a road. A diversion around the block adding a half hour to the journey. The air was filled with car horns, sirens and up-raised voices. While I was there, the ‘city that never sleeps’ never rested, nor took a quiet moment of contemplation.

And amidst the crazy chaos of angry people trying to get on with life, or tell others what to do, angels found me – a taxi driver getting me to my hotel from the bus station, the mother of a toddler who helped me get a metro card (and my bags) onto the subway platform, and a pixie-sized woman who came back to help me despite the disapproving glare of a transit policeman.

Life is full of blessings if you just take the time to notice. I had moments, of course, like the man who insisted I accept his phone number, telling me I had a beautiful smile. He could show me out-of-the-way places that tourists don’t usually see that are more beautiful than the regular tourist attractions, and it sent a shiver of fear through me to know I had been marked as a woman travelling alone in a strange city.

But, I also met a young Hispanic man joyfully blending fibres on a board, creating rolags and preparing to spin yarn of the most glorious hues. I found the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park – a gift of love from a man to the children of New York in the name of his beloved wife – and the children’s glee filled my heart to overflowing. I found a healing tree.

Soon it would be time… soon I would be in class with Dr Brian Weiss learning to become a past life regression therapist.

Image: Omega tree by Anne Marie McGlasson