Past-life Workshops




“Learning the lessons of life can be so simple if you believe in immortality.” Dr Brian Weiss, MD



In this experiential workshop, you will

  • Learn out about hypnosis and past-life regression
  • Discover how suggestible you are
  • Experience 2 Past-life Regressions
  • Connect with likeminded souls

There is great strength and opportunities for learning in the meeting of like-minded souls. It is never an accident who you sit next to. Group synchronicity is part of the formula for creating what Carole Weiss calls ‘miracles’. These miracles may be a Past-life experience, healing a physical, emotional or mental ailment, gaining new understanding or discovering a deep connection to a ‘beloved stranger.’ Sometimes, the miracle is just feeling deeply relaxed.

Past-life Regression therapy is based up the principle that we are all spiritual beings living a human experience. That in essence we are all the same and motivated by a sense of love and care towards others. People of many different faiths and religions attend Past-life workshops. Those who’s faith include reincarnation have less to get in the way of having an experience, but those who do not believe in reincarnation are not precluded from having an experience. This is all for the experience. Whatever experience you have, it is all important.

“The important question regarding spirituality is not which God you follow but are you true to your soul? Are you living a spiritual life? Are you a kind person here on earth, getting joy from your existence, causing no harm, and doing good to others?” Dr Brian Weiss, MD 

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**Anne Marie McGlasson is a certified Past-Life Regression Therapist (The Weiss Institute). She was trained by Dr Brian Weiss, MD at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York in 2015.

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