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“No belief is necessary… I have given Reiki to babies, animals, trees and plants. They don’t believe in Reiki and it works. Even fast asleep or in a coma, it works. Only attunements from an initiated master are necessary.” Anne Marie McGlasson



During Reiki training and through a series of what are called ‘attunements’, the teacher activates the connection to the universal energy within the pupil, who can then use it for himself or others. This simple, safe and easy to learn technique is not a cult, dogma or religion. Reiki involves no psychic powers, no strength of will, not even faith.

REIKI 1:   (2 days)

Four (4) attunements by an initiated Master-Teacher for permanent connection to the Reiki (universal) energy.

  1. How to use Reiki for healing, peace of mind & service
  2. Giving Reiki to animals & plants
  3. Group sharing & geometric progression
  4. Using Reiki in emergency situations
  5. Reiki for chronic health issues & palliative support
  6. Reiki for pregnancy, birth & family connection
  7. Reiki with conservative medicine & other therapies

REIKI 2:   (2 days)

One (1) attunement by an initiated Master-Teacher for the conscious use of symbolism in daily life.

  1. Three (3) Reiki symbols
  2. Initiations, the aura & subtle bodies
  3. Spiritual creativity & powerful affirmations
  4. Relieve mental-emotional stress
  5. Give a full Reiki session in 15 mins
  6. Use Reiki to transcend time
  7. Distance healing.

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REIKI 3-7:
My Reiki is a 7 level system. We have 7 chakras in our energy body. We have 7 levels of being. There are 7 universal symbols and so, we teach 7 degrees of Reiki.

Reiki can be studied purely for our own purposes. Practitioners advance through the degrees to level 7A learning the personal and unique lessons corresponding to each chakra. Reiki can also be studied with a view to serving others, giving them access to and teaching them about divine energy, and ultimately becoming a custodian of the complete Reiki system.

Reiki Masters are teachers striving to be masters of themselves while serving others. Reiki Grandmasters are custodians of the complete Reiki system.

IMG_5571“Reiki is a science of energy. You can test and measure the results
… and you should.” Anne Marie McGlasson



When seeking a Reiki teacher, ask “What is your lineage?” All Reiki Masters can trace their lineage back to Dr Mikao Usui. Lineage is the key to determining if what you are learning is Reiki. Reiki practitioners are attuned to the energy by initiated Reiki Masters. The relationship between master and student is a powerful and life-long catalyst for growth
and learning. A true master supports and
walks alongside their students for life.


“The standard for REIKI PRACTITONERS is… face-to-face training + more than 1 day each class + face-to-face attunements by an initiated Reiki Master.”

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists.



My Reiki graduates have been taught to the requirements of an international peak body that recognises standards in practice for complementary therapists and meet the standards of competency for Reiki practitioner. They are eligible for membership with IICT, have access to professional indemnity insurance and receive an internationally recognised certificate.

My Reiki graduates are working in hospitals, community services, complementary services, education and palliative care. This accreditation allows them to meet government requirements for quality audits and represent the work they do as therapeutic, holistic and professional.

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*Anne Marie McGlasson is a Reiki 7A Practitioner and 3B Master teacher. She has been practicing Reiki for more than 24 years. She is Executive Member and Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (Reiki School).