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Shadow self

Should we give into despair when we encounter the worst aspects of people's personalities (including our own)? Should we despair when diplomacy between countries looks more like a conflict between pre-schoolers? Should we despair at the state of our beautiful world? As the higher qualities of the soul shine down and infuse with the lower… Continue reading Shadow self

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My tribe is humanity

In a world that prizes free will and creative self expression, the expressions of the lower nature (also called the ego or personality) are easy to identify. Turn on the TV, log onto Facebook, interact on Twitter or scroll though Instagram and we find people expressing greed, need, negativity, addiction, ill-health, deception, betrayal, selfishness, ignorance,… Continue reading My tribe is humanity

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The higher includes the lower…

"The higher always includes the lower, but the lower does not include the higher." Esoteric Philosophy Why do we have the conflict we do in the world? People have been meditating for eons on the benefit of peace and love, joy and beauty. We have created these states over and over. But not everyone is… Continue reading The higher includes the lower…

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Healing the mind and spirit

“You’re not merely your physical self. You existed before you came into your physical body, and you will exist after you leave your body” Dr Brian Weiss MD, Healing the Mind & Spirit Cards For some, it has been a difficult week for grief. People die and are gone. We feel the loss of connection deeply.… Continue reading Healing the mind and spirit