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Calm Every Day…

We have all had many lives. This is a true story of my experience in reconnecting with a past life and a beloved stranger. My hope is that in reading my story you will be inspired to open your heart to your own past lives, and relinquish the fear that death is final.



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Calm Wedding Planning…

Learn the 5 secrets to creating Happily-Ever-After. Knowing these 5 secrets will help you arrive in the aisle feeling calm, classy and collected. Learn action steps to reduce conflict and drama while nurturing your relationships during wedding preparations and beyond.



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Calm Separation and Divorce…

There are 5 common mistakes that people make at separation and divorce. Knowing these 5 mistakes can save you stress, anguish, lawyer’s fees and plain old-fashioned trouble. Learn the common pitfalls that people fall into when separating… so you don’t have to.



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Calm Self Care…

What is Reiki? Knowing the answers to these 7 questions will help you distinguish Reiki from other forms of healing and enlightenment. It will also help you identify Reiki teachers and practitioners who work with respect, integrity and professionalism.



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Calm Self Mastery…

What is a Reiki Master? Being informed will help you find the Reiki teacher best suited to you as well as save you time, money. Learn the secrets for spotting the practitioner least likely to help. Discover the difference between life force energy and divine energy.



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Calm Personal Development…

Knowing these 5 common mistakes will save you time, mental anguish…and a trip to India. Learn shortcuts to inner peace and the mindset that creates world peace.




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Calm Spiritual Development…

Discover a simple and powerful tool for healing and growth for yourself …and our planet. Receive guidelines about establishing working relationships with guides. Learn the difference between psychics and seers.