Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy


19780711_10154533753716143_350254634204729652_o“Peer often deep within the pool of thought, and you will harmonise the wandering mind, recover sunken secrets of yourself, find love and light without you as within and wake new wonder…” WP Ryan


Together, Counselling and Hypnotherapy provide people with a fast track method to stop suffering and enjoy peaceful living. Typically, the people seeking help are smart and sensitive. They are capable people used to solving life’s challenges without too many problems. However, in this instance they find themselves overwhelmed. The issue that is getting the better of them is complex and cannot be solved by the 15% of the mind that is conscious.

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“People do not need saving. People need love, support, and encouragement that they can withstand any trials and will always come out stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. I cannot shelter anyone from the storms of life, or they will never grow, learn, and expand.” Dr Brian Weiss, MD


Each session begins with counselling to explore the issue with the conscious mind, to identify unhelpful thinking and correct counter-productive self-talk. Simply talking to an impartial listener begins to create new neural pathways in the brain. This is called the observer effect. Anne Marie adds to this effect using an integrative psychotherapeutic framework. Symptoms and experiences are explored with a view to understanding the issue and it’s impact, becoming more whole and taking the next step up in functioning and consciousness. Information, practical tools and smart questions are keys to moving forward.

Once we are aware of our conscious desires, Hypnotherapy helps us access the other 85% of the brain for problem solving. Our symptoms and the experience of being out of step often comes from deep within the subconscious. It can also be prompted by our higher consciousness that encourages us to live ‘bigger’ lives. Often we have outgrown a certain level of functioning and we are ready for the next stage in life. These unconscious desires and motivations can make life pretty uncomfortable. The more we ignore them, the more uncomfortable we are likely to become as this part of ourselves turns up the volume to get our attention and tell us that the time for change is NOW.

Hypnotherapy is a holistic tool that allows us to move through the experience of becoming more of who we are. Unlike other cultures, white western society has no formal way to understand or move through these ‘initiations’. Together, Counselling and Hypnotherapy allow us to harmonise the conscious and unconscious minds.

If you are interested in a free 20-30minute counselling session… click here or call 0438 234 793.


Hynosis is a deep state of relaxed, focused concentration. It is a normal state people experience every day. If you have ever been so engrossed in a task or a hobby that you have ’lost time’ then you were in a trance. These states of relaxation are healthy for mind and body. They allowing us to recharge our physical energy and heal mentally and emotionally. The ideal for health and peace of mind is 20 minutes of deep, peaceful relaxation a day.

You are always in control. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state. No-one can make you do anything you don’t wish to. If you wouldn’t do something while conscious, then you won’t do it while in a trance. The people you see hypnotised in stage shows are selected because they are extroverts, enjoy a laugh and love entertaining.

The ideal mindset for Hypnotherapy is to accept and relax into the process while directing your attention to the work that needs doing. Hypnosis is a working state where you make the changes you want to. You don’t go to sleep, and afterwards, you can remember everything. Hypnosis allows you to rewire your brain with new neural pathways. The healing and changes in thinking often continue after the session for a day or two. People often describe the outcome as ‘miraculous’. This is not so surprising when you consider that they have, possibly for the first time, used 100% of their mind to address the issue.

If you are interested in a free 20-30minute counselling session… click here or call 0438 234 793.

**Anne Marie McGlasson has 30 years experience as a counsellor, educator and holistic therapist. She is an Executive Member and Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.