What is Past Life Therapy?


“You are not here by accident or by some coincidence of nature. You are a spiritual being learning lessons of love in this earth school.” Dr Brian Weiss, MD

Past life Therapy heals the present from the past.

Past Life Therapy uses hypno-therapeutic techniques to help people relax and access memories of past lives that are relevant to their current life and circumstances and bring about healing. While the therapist assists the client to “go within” in process very similar to meditation, the client is always in charge.

What is Past Life Therapy useful for?

While particularly effective for fears and phobias, especially where these are unexplained, Past Life Therapy can also be helpful for people experiencing grief and loss, and those seeking a sense of meaning. People often report an improvement of symptoms and health conditions, a greater peace of mind and a deep sense of ‘knowingness’ about their life purpose and relationships after Past Life Therapy.

“Our lessons in this earth school must be learned by our hearts, at the deepest levels, not only by our intellects. Direct experience, often through regressions, can provide an avenue to the heart.” Dr Brian Weiss, MD

What happens in a Past Life Therapy session?

The session begins with the therapist and client having a conversation about the structure of the time together and the techniques to be used. Once the client has given permission, therapy can commence.

The client sits quietly with eyes closed. The therapist uses an agreed upon technique to help the client achieve a deep state of relaxation. The client can choose to end the session at any time by simply opening their eyes.

While some clients may experience a past life in their first session, others may need practice to achieve the required level of relaxation. Like most learning, patient daily practice (as you can) improves skill level. The therapist provides homework tapes and support as needed.

Once the client identifies a past life experience, the therapist facilitates and helps focus the memory with key questions and statements that draw connections to the client’s current life and relationships. While those critical of Past Life Therapy have suggested this allows the therapist to influence the client, my experience has been that the client will – even while in a relaxed state – firmly correct the therapist if they think they have “got it wrong”.


After the past life experience , the client is guided back to their usual consciousness. The client and therapist take time to gently debrief and allow the experience to integrate into the meaningfulness of daily life.

It is not uncommon for clients sit quietly, have a glass of water, and take time to ‘ground’ themselves and feel fully present before driving their car home.

How does past life therapy work?

Just like Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy bypasses the conscious self to allow the sub-conscious and other aspects of the self (‘superconsciousness’, ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’) to work on issues and challenges the client has. The healing flows into daily life.

Past Life Therapy does not rely on a belief system that includes reincarnation. Clients often report feeling surprised that they experienced past lives they had not expected, could not have predicted and that brought about a relief of symptoms and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

What is your experience?

I accidentally met myself in a hypnotherapy session in 1993, when a psychologist asked me to go to the cause of my issue. It wasn’t until I went to a Past Life Therapy conference with Brian Weiss in Coolum QLD in 2014 that I fully made sense of what I experienced. Since that time I have had many past life experiences.

I completed Past Life Regression Therapist Training with Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York in 2015. It was transformational! For more information about Past Life Therapy click here.