Esoteric Counselling




“What we think, we create.” Edmund Harold



Counselling can take one of two forms – exoteric or esoteric. Exoteric counselling is personality-based and deals with the ‘outer’ or every day consciousness. It assumes that the conscious mind can understand reality and that a transformation of consciousness is unnecessary for change, and could even be dangerous. Most counselling and psychological interventions that you will be familiar with are exoteric, evidence-based and effective.

Esoteric or soul-based counselling is concerned with the inner consciousness. It advocates personal development and transformation using meditation, contemplation and observation of our inner world. It proposes that the nature and function of reality can only be truly understood by our intuition, higher mind or spiritual faculties.

Often it is the question “Why am I here?” that brings people to the door of our clinic. “What is my purpose? What is life all about?” These are the questions that exoteric counselling is poorly equipped to answer. We help people explore these difficult questions using an esoteric framework. We provide people with proven tools to switch on intuitive abilities, find answers to questions about life purpose and identity, and discover the truth.

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 “Symbolism is the language of spirit.” Edmund Harold


“During the Age of Aquarius, otherwise known as the Age of the Mind, which we are now moving into, everyone has to perfect the mental body… and when that’s done, we have to take a quantum leap of consciousness. For that to happen we really have to have the sixth and seventh senses operative all the time and not just be sparking on two generators. It’s a case of people having to use their sixth sense, their intuitive faculty which is a divine gift and they also have a seventh sense which is Seership.

Every person has seven senses, therefore, the role of the Medium in the Age of Aquarius is to make everyone aware of this and to encourage them to develop it but not in a psychic way. Everyone has to move on, you can’t stay in junior school all your life, you have to go on to University. Everyone must surely desire to be the clearest channel they possibly can be.” Edmund Harold

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**Anne Marie McGlasson is a seer. She was taught by Edmund Harold at his Grailhouse Retreat in Bellangry, NSW in 2001. She meditates every day so that she can be the best channel for truth, bypass the planes of illusion and help where she can.