I believe we all have natural and intuitive abilities that can be switched on given the right circumstances.


Learning Reiki in 1993 activated my latent clairvoyance and clairaudience, but it wasn’t until 2003 that I decided to learn Seership* with Edmund Harold at the Grail House Retreat.  Since then I have studied symbolism and adopted a lifetime practice of meditation to access the highest level of spiritual truth I can, and bypass the astral plane.

As a therapist, I believe that healing results from experience. I encourage clients to have experiences and make sense of their experiences. I encourage clients to search for their own answers, check with their own instincts and not substitute someone else’s judgement for their own.

Practicing meditation is one of the most effective way to switch on intuitive abilities and find those answers. Unfortunately, it’s not like switching on a TV. (How great would that be?) It does take a little bit of patience and practice.

Sometimes, people are looking for (more immediate) information about their life’s purpose, and the spiritual gifts they have brought into this life, from past lives. Gifts that are waiting to be activated once more. With your permission, I am able to access this information and relay it to you. This is called a Soul Path Reading.

Expressions of Interest are invited for a Seership workshop. Please email me on annemariemcglasson@gmail.com, call or text 0438 234 793 to register your interest.