While I may have talked to you on the phone and have some sense of your issue, our first appointment (usually 90 minutes*) is for…

  • Discovering if I am the right therapist for you
  • Identifying your strengths and resources
  • Getting a full picture of the issue and variables
  • Choosing the right therapy
  • Coming up with a great plan.

I always consider our first appointment to be a job interview… for me.  When you work with a therapist that suits your needs and circumstances, you will get the best results. I want this for you. So how will you know that you have the right therapist?

If you feel more confident and sure of yourself at the end of the appointment – if you feel like you have a better connection to yourself – then this is the right therapist for you. If you feel confused and unsure, or as I like to describe it, “like spaghetti on the ceiling” then this is not the right therapist for you. It’s really OK if you decide that a therapist doesn’t suit you. Not everyone is suited to everyone else. We are all unique individuals.

So, at the end of our appointment, I will ask you… “Would you like to come back?”  The decision is entirely up to you.

** If you are thinking about hypnotherapy or past life therapy, allow for up to 2 hours for your first appointment. This is because we can spend up to 30mins talking about hypnosis and answering any questions you have. This information session is FREE – so that you can give me your informed consent for treatment. The therapy session that follows (if you decide to go ahead) is usually 90 minutes.


Second and subsequent appointments are for…

  • Reviewing your progress
  • Your therapy
  • Dealing with unexpected challenges
  • Giving me feedback about the session.

While subsequent appointments are usually an hour, some people have complex or problematic issues that benefit from 90 minute sessions. This is something we will discuss in your first appointment.


We may agree that I am not the right therapist for you, or that you are not making the progress we would like. You may need a different service entirely eg doctor or naturopath. If this occurs, I will refer you to the best practitioner I know of.


Your records are kept secure and confidential… unless you tell me that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, a child is at risk, or my records are subpoenaed in a Court of Law. To maintain my professional practice, I attend supervision but identifying information is disguised.