Esoteric Philosophy, Past-life Regression

Gilby… part 2

I sat at the table as Christmas dinner was served and committed myself to watching carefully. Did Grandpa really have a story for every situation? I watched him carefully, feet swinging, as Dad carved the roast with the new electric knife and Mum and Aunty whizzed back and forth from the kitchen with last minute… Continue reading Gilby… part 2

Esoteric Philosophy, Past-life Regression

Gilby… part 1

It was Christmas. “Here we go again. Another round of Gilby’s stories.” I looked at my cousin with the round-eyed shock a small person feels when a beloved and looked-up-to elder does something unaccountable. Eight years older, he was my eldest cousin. I thought he was perfect. When I was very small, I had decided… Continue reading Gilby… part 1


You can remember everything…

"Whatever you have forgotten, you can remember. Whatever you have buried you can unearth. If you are willing to look deep into your own nature, if you are willing to peel away the layers of not-self you have adopted in making your way through the tribulations of life, you will find that your true self is not… Continue reading You can remember everything…

Past-life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy training… the experience!

“Our souls are timeless and endless, existing beyond all dimensions, preceding all space, all emptiness, all matter, all forces, and all energies. How magnificent we truly are!” Dr Brian Weiss, 2015 Image: Botanic Garden Lilies, Anne Marie McGlasson 2014 “Pick the door that seems right to you... and when you are ready, walk through...” I… Continue reading Past Life Regression Therapy training… the experience!