Past-life Regression, Yarn Therapy

Knitting blessings of love…

I sat at my Gran’s feet and watched as her knitting needles clicked and clacked. It was always a singlet for a new baby. I would watch in awe as the little garment would grow and be added to the pile in her bag. It never grew larger but it was always being added to.… Continue reading Knitting blessings of love…

Past-life Regression, Yarn Therapy

Knitting needles saved my life

I scurried back and forth beneath the machine as it clicked and clacked with metallic precision. The noise was deafening but I paid it no mind, intent on picking up the stray fibres that fell to the floor. I hated these inhuman machines that allowed for no rest and no joy. “When I have children,”… Continue reading Knitting needles saved my life