Wednesday Wisdom

“You’re not merely your physical self. You existed before you came into your physical body, and you will exist after you leave your body” Dr Brian Weiss MD, Healing the Mind & Spirit Cards


For some, it has been a difficult week for grief.

People die and are gone. We feel the loss of connection deeply. We wonder “Who are we now, that they are gone?” and we know that life will never be the same.

For some, religion brings comfort, but others are lost in a sea of not-knowingness, overwhelmed by feelings of deep loss, yearning to be with love ones once again.

And for those of us who are science-minded, what is our evidence that life exists beyond? How can we pursue that evidence, when we are so deeply fearful that is does not, in fact, exist. What is it all about? Why are we here?

In his scientific observations of the laws of physics, Albert Einstein said “No energy is ever lost.” Water evaporates, rises invisibly, joins into cloud formations and then when conditions are right, falls to the planet. Rain becomes lakes, streams and rivers before it evaporates again.

My clients describe to me being reunited with loved ones in past lives and between lives, and the fear lifts from their shoulders. We are more than our physical bodies.

I recommend the book “Heading Toward Omega” by Kenneth Ring for those wanting to investigate the science further. It is a place to begin with your questions.


Trained to be a Past-life Regression Therapist by Dr Brian Weiss MD, author of ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, Anne Marie McGlasson shares his wisdom and teachings in this weekly post. Find out more about Dr Brian Weiss here…

I am a Psychotherapist. I help people know better and do better… I am a Past-life Therapist. I help people discover themselves beyond the here-and-now… I am a Hypnotherapist I help people harmonise their conscious, subconscious and higher consciousness… I am a Reiki Teacher. I help people access deep states of peace and knowingness… Can I help you?” Anne Marie McGlasson


Gilby… part 1

It was Christmas.

“Here we go again. Another round of Gilby’s stories.”

I looked at my cousin with the round-eyed shock a small person feels when a beloved and looked-up-to elder does something unaccountable. Eight years older, he was my eldest cousin. I thought he was perfect.

When I was very small, I had decided that I would marry him when I grew up… My dad had the unfortunate task of carefully explaining why I would have to marry someone else. I thought it was a great pity. I idolized him as only a small girl can.

Unfortunately, he was going through his adolescent boy phase.

Blog_160130 candle-1460271_by_Ana_Abreu

Image: Candle by Ana Abreu, free, 2015

“But, I love Grandpa’s stories,” I objected, ignoring the fact that beloved big cousin had very incorrectly and rudely called Grandpa by his first name.

“Yes,” he huffed in agitation, “and there’s so m-a-n-y of them… and they are so l-o-n-g! How can he possibly have a story for every situation?” and rolled his eyes.

I heard the words but they made no sense. I LOVED Grandpa’s stories. I LOVED learning from the wisdom of those who had gone before. I listened and listened… I learned and learned… and every story was like a jewel reflecting light into the darkest corners and illuminating the way forward. Grandpa’s stories guided my way forward.

But was my cousin right? Was there a story for every situation? And what did it mean if there was?



“This is a time of purification…”

What if the troubles that present themselves to us are part of a process of purification? An opportunity to release that which is outmoded, out-dated, that which has run its course and is no longer needed?


Sit quietly and breathe deeply and evenly… yoga breathing… breathing in compassion for self, breathing out compassion for all beings. Breathing deeply and evenly… breathing in compassion for self… breathing out compassion for all beings… deeply and evenly. And you will find as you continue to breathe that you become more and more relaxed. Compassion for self becoming part of each cell of your body and compassion for all beings arising naturally with each out breath. Breathing in compassion for self… breathing out compassion for all beings.

And as you breathe, you become aware of a wise being. This being is a helper and teacher, mentor and guide. They radiate infinite peace, gentleness and wisdom. You see joy and love in their eyes as they look at you. They offer you a gift. It is an acorn. Your helper drops the acorn into your hands and you can feel the woody texture against your hands. You cup the gift in your hands and you can feel the energy of the acorn – all its explosive potential for growth – infusing your being. This is the time of planting.

Around you, nature calls. There are so many places that are perfect to nurture a growing seedling. You find the perfect spot. There is enough sun, enough water and the ground is perfectly suited. You dig a hole in the rich earth, gently drop the acorn in and cover it over, patting the earth in place.

The seasons turn, and the acorn sprouts breaking through the earth and becoming a seedling. As you watch, it becomes bigger and stronger. From a seedling to a young sapling… then from a sapling to a tree. As each season turns, it becomes bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. Soon it is big enough for you to stand beneath. It protects you. You can hear the wind rustling its leaves and feel the sap running through its trunk. You can feel the bark under your hands.

And as you listen to the heart beat of the tree, you feel it’s strength, courage and protection. Let this strength, courage and protection surround you and fill you. Let yourself absorb the gift of the oak tree – your oak tree.

Know you can come back at any time to infuse your self with courage… and when you are ready you can open your eyes.


Image: Acorn by Emma McCreary, free


“Balance is necessary but so are extremes…”

The world lives in balance. The tide ebbs and flows, the chill of winter is balanced with the heat of summer, and the flight of birds is matched by the insects that crawl and the fish that swim. Night balances day, rain balances sun, mountains balance the seas. The more you look the more you find.

Nature lives in balance. Birth balances death. Sound balances silence. Movement balances stillness. And we never have to go far to find balance. Even for those of us most entrenched in urban life. The steam rising from a cup of tea balances the delicious chill of ice cream. The morning train balances a tree lifting itself out of the footpath.

So why is it that as human beings we pursue extremes? And why do we find ourself out of balance, unhappy, perplexed and even desperate? Is it all an accident? Is life one big cosmic joke? Are we such miserable failures at life? Or is there something more to it?


Perhaps in the knowing of unbalanced and extreme experience, we come to know ourselves better. Perhaps, we even challenge the illusions of the world.

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.” Dalai Lama XIV


Help is on the way, or is it?

One day a bright blue sign appeared. The happy colour if it chirruped at me, calling me to attention. Carefully secured to the humble wire fence at the train crossing, it read “Need support in a crisis?” Call Lifeline now 13 11 14”

My stomach dropped and horror swelled up to engulf me. I felt sick.

I knew without a doubt that someone had lost their life – someone who had been a mother, sister, daughter, niece – someone who had been a father, brother, son or nephew – someone who was missed and mourned, or someone that no one mourned. Someone was dead and I hadn’t even noticed.

Blog_150817_crisis line by AM

In the merry chiming of the crossing gates and the confident toots of the train coming into the station, I had missed the despair of someone ending it all. I had missed the final moments of a human being less that 100m from my door – me – who specializes in trauma, grief, stress and sexual abuse support. How did that happen? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

I have helped so many people. I have sat with people as they were battered by their emotional storms. I have thrown them a rope, helped them find their lifeboat and row for the shore. I have stood in their way when they have talked of taking their lives and said with authority “Not this way! Not this way! We will find the way forward together.” And so, we found a way… mostly.

I have failed so few times, but I have failed. And when I failed, all I could do was pray that they would be alive tomorrow. Knowing for certain that life would get better if they just held on through the dark days, but unable to inspire them with the sureness that I felt for them.

And for everyone I helped, I knew there were more who never reached out for help and others who never found the help they were seeking. How do WE let this happen?

I raged at the way people are turned into statistics and labeled with depression and society goes on as before. I am personally affronted that young people have electricity put through their brains because it is the only way we know to keep them alive. There has to be a better way. There has to be a solution… because dead is not dead.


“These lessons are necessary…”

The voice that just moments before had been full of joy and the mischief of fun, was now warm with regret and sorrow. This liquid voice that bridged the distance between the physical plane and the highest sub-plane of the mental pane, and thousands of kilometers, to be in 2 places at the same time and bring healing and comfort. He was so sorry that this was the way it was. He could intimately feel the pain and suffering these lessons had caused. Even in these most difficult of circumstances, his generousity of spirit and outpouring of love gently surrounded my friend. He asked me to tell him “I have your back.” I wept for my friend. He so deserved the love and wisdom being offered to him.


Image: Pots by Inkstewer, DeviantArt

“Why are these lessons necessary?” Such a hard question to answer and the difficulty lies not with the answer but that the words must only be accompanied by love and understanding. I had been told only hours before “Teach only love.” I was struggling with my own lessons. This spiritual friend of my friend brought comfort to both of us.

“Why are these lessons necessary?” So often the illusions of the (Western) physical world we live in leads us astray with its false illusions. Illusions like “Your mission is to be happy and abundant and live a perfect life right now. If you are not happy and abundant and living a perfect life then you are a failure.”, “Suffering is senseless and indicates you are defective.”, “To be defective is wrong and shameful”, and “Never give up fighting against your defectiveness.”

“Why are these lessons necessary?” They are necessary because they teach us. They point us forward towards our future work. They help us raise our spiritual vibration and increase our spiritual momentum. These are initiations. Embedded within each lesson are the tools and strategies to survive and (eventually) thrive. Unfortunately we aren’t given a handy reference manual. We must be willing to grasp the most painful experiences with both hands and all the courage in our hearts. We have each other, and we have friends who see things from a higher vantage point.

And the only way though it… is to go forward.

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” M. Scott Peck


Sometimes the why’s are simple…

“Why do I want to be a past life regression therapist?”

Sometimes the question is more important than the answer, for without the question, there would be no forward drive, no seeking. We are all on a journey of the soul and without a question we can get stuck in the dark. Questions, questing, is what fuels the development of the soul.


Image: Seeking the question by MarioWibisono, DeviantArt

I have had my fair share of trauma, suffering and despair. These are conditions I know intimately. Many times, I have sat with people while they have had their ‘dark night of the soul’ and been their hope when they could find none for themselves, lighting the way forward. Life can be a tough series of lessons and we are not given the blessing of an instruction book when we arrive. Life can also be rich and beautiful and joyous, a magical journey where we are reunited with our soul mates over and over. It really is true that it is darkest just before the dawn. We get ourselves into trouble when we think the darkness will last forever and that there is no way forward.

Questions are how we move forward from the darkness into the light. Sometimes we are so busy identifying with the struggle and the pain that we fail to notice the questions bubbling within, the questions showing us the way forward.

Questions like “How can he treat me like that?”, “Is this all there is?” and in my case “Where was I going when I left my body?”. This question that I could barely dare to acknowledge tormented me as a child. It would enter my consciousness and I would find myself frozen and barely able to breathe. It would follow with “If we don’t die, then what?” and the most terrible question of all “What if there is no God?”

The answers to my questions have unfolded in the trajectory of my life. I am still finding answers and the answers come easily when I release the illusion that I am alone. I hold my question in my mind, breathe and relax. Sometimes the answers come instantaneously and sometimes they come later as a book in my hand, a conversation with a stranger or a cloud in the sky. We are never alone. We are always loved.

And the ‘why’ questions are the easy ones. “Why do I want to be a past life regression therapist?” Because I feel alive, excited and whole hearted when I do it, because it lets me express myself as a gentle and kind person and because it teaches me about myself. In short, this work calls to my soul.