Who am I and why am I here?

Unsurprisingly, the story of this blog has been an unfolding journey… like the morning sun kissing the surface of a still pond… or the slowly awakening petals of a lotus, opening until we reach its heart.


Image: Pond lily by Kevin M, freeimages.com

This blog began as a way for me to begin writing again… something I had given up as a young woman when I realized I must give myself only one option for the words that needed to be spoken. Now, words begged to be written. I was burning with outrage at the way our Western throw-away society throws away people. I wanted to ignite hope in the hopeless. I wanted to communicate to those considering suicide that “dead is not dead”. I wanted to light a candle in the darkness.

I still want to do that…

But on the way, it changed…

Life called. We live in a society where children must be fed and educated, and a roof over our heads just takes money. My blog morphed into a business website. I learned about Faith and Abundance (yes! with capital letters) and my clinical rooms became a re-charging station for people who help others.

And still, there has been a book calling me… a book calling me to write it. The message has changed. I am still listening for what it may be while I polish each post like a gem… making today’s few words gleam in the sun, resonating with joy and peace, love and hope.

Wishing you all the very best for 2016. May miracles find you daily.


Help is on the way, or is it?

One day a bright blue sign appeared. The happy colour if it chirruped at me, calling me to attention. Carefully secured to the humble wire fence at the train crossing, it read “Need support in a crisis?” Call Lifeline now 13 11 14”

My stomach dropped and horror swelled up to engulf me. I felt sick.

I knew without a doubt that someone had lost their life – someone who had been a mother, sister, daughter, niece – someone who had been a father, brother, son or nephew – someone who was missed and mourned, or someone that no one mourned. Someone was dead and I hadn’t even noticed.

Blog_150817_crisis line by AM

In the merry chiming of the crossing gates and the confident toots of the train coming into the station, I had missed the despair of someone ending it all. I had missed the final moments of a human being less that 100m from my door – me – who specializes in trauma, grief, stress and sexual abuse support. How did that happen? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

I have helped so many people. I have sat with people as they were battered by their emotional storms. I have thrown them a rope, helped them find their lifeboat and row for the shore. I have stood in their way when they have talked of taking their lives and said with authority “Not this way! Not this way! We will find the way forward together.” And so, we found a way… mostly.

I have failed so few times, but I have failed. And when I failed, all I could do was pray that they would be alive tomorrow. Knowing for certain that life would get better if they just held on through the dark days, but unable to inspire them with the sureness that I felt for them.

And for everyone I helped, I knew there were more who never reached out for help and others who never found the help they were seeking. How do WE let this happen?

I raged at the way people are turned into statistics and labeled with depression and society goes on as before. I am personally affronted that young people have electricity put through their brains because it is the only way we know to keep them alive. There has to be a better way. There has to be a solution… because dead is not dead.