Fees & charges

“Abundance flows into our lives in miraculous and surprising ways every day.” Louise Hay



Counselling mini-session (20-30 mins)… free

ONE therapy session of counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, past-life therapy and/or reiki (up to 2 hours)… $200 (concession $100)

THREE sessions is a transformational package (up to 6 hours)… $600 (concession $300)

** Concession available for under 25s, single parents, students and pensioners.

Our long therapy sessions include assessment, design, therapy, grounding and integration of learning. The results often surpass those offered by talking therapies and in a shorter time frame because we use holistic therapies that bypass the conscious mind. We create embodied experiences of deep peace and relaxation that rewire the brain, so usually the only ‘homework’ is to observe the changes that occur.


Reiki information session… free

Reiki group sharing (2 hrs)… $5

Reiki 1 Practitioner Training (2 days)… $250 (plus booking fee)

Reiki 2 Practitioner Training (2 days)… $450 (plus booking fee)

Reiki 3-7… prices provided upon application.

** We are a Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.


Child-safe environment training (1 day)… $80

Discovering past lives (1 day)… $110

Messages from the Masters (1 day)… $110

Face-to-face: Basic counselling, communication & social skills (3hrs x 10wks)… $450

Face-to-face: Advanced counselling, communication & social skills (3hrs x 10wks)… $450

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself (3hrs x 9 weeks)… $450

Seership (5 days)… $700

** Anne Marie McGlasson is an accredited trainer of Child-Safe Environments with the Department for Child Protection.

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