“Success is creatively expressing love and wisdom.” Anne Marie McGlasson



“My mind is so clear.” Lana H.

“My visit with Anne Marie was nourishing to my soul. I went in with little to no expectations of hypnotherapy. It cleared up the negative feeling I felt stuck with. It recharged my thoughts and self esteem. I felt 10 foot 4 and bullet proof. I was able to move on with my life.” Jodie D.

“Therapy with Anne Marie is very EMPOWERING!!! So glad I met her. She soooo gets it!!” Jay S.

“Anne Marie has been working with my daughter. The issues are complex. She was not herself and I couldn’t get through to her. Now, I have my daughter back. Anne Marie is a miracle worker.” Maty S.

“She got me pregnant.” Lorraine R.

“Going through IVF was stressful and emotional. My relationship with my partner was in trouble. Reiki was better than acupuncture for stress, calming the hormones and helping me get through the cycle. It also gave my partner something to do that helped.” Ann D.

“As a business person, I have gained so much clarity and calm through my sessions with Anne Marie. It has resulted in me being a much better leader with a much clearer purpose and a 58% increase in Valentine’s Day sales. I have been on a wonderful spiritual journey and she has facilitated this in the most beautiful of ways. I highly recommend Anne Marie if you are looking for an experienced and advanced healer to guide you in your journey to self love, peace and clarity.” Nicole Fleet, The Blu Tulip

“Anne Marie’s empathic listening and counselling skills gave me courage to face life’s challenges when it had reached crisis point. I walked away from our sessions with clarity, confidence and equipped with practical self-help techniques and resources to use throughout my life.” Sarah C.

“It is one of the best courses I’ve ever done and what’s more, it’s such a privilege to learn from such a great teacher.  Awesome teachers are hard to come by these days and Anne Marie is one these.” Juno B., Child-Safe Environment training